Android Auto loses this important app after the latest update


There is always some respect when it comes to downloading and installing new versions of Android Auto, basically because many come with errors or malfunctions that can spoil the experience of using the Android Auto system. exploitation. But what was not known before was the loss of applications,

And it is that Android Auto 7.9 has recently been launched in a stable version, which has slightly modified the interface of music applications, but which has also solved a number of other errors reported by the user community in recent weeks . but as is common also brought an unexpected result: The Audacity app is dead,

And it is that Audacity is a very popular platform among Android Auto users that gives access to radio stations and podcasts and that has completely disappeared after this new update.

At this time, neither Audacity nor Google has acknowledged the issue, so the user community is investigating what may have happened, and they comment that it is very likely that loss of compatibility with Audacity is a factor in this latest version of Audacity. Due to a bug. app and is not related to Android Auto.

As Google investigates the issue, users are eyeing the next stable version of Android Auto 8.0. is on Which will likely launch the long-awaited redesign called CoolWalk And it will change what we see in this operating system for our vehicle.

On the other hand, you probably already have Android Auto 7.9, but if you’re a regular Audacious user, you might want to disable automatic updates to stay on Android Auto 7.8 until this bug fixes. application disappears.

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