Amazon’s Clubhouse app will threaten traditional radio


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Amazon is looking to disrupt traditional radio with Clubhouse’s planned competitor that will allow users to transform into live audio radio hosts.

We have more information on Amazon Clubhouse’s competitor, apparently named “Project Mike”. As reported in September when rumors first surfaced, the live audio feature will be focused on music, and now The edge saw a presentation which revealed that the app would closely mimic live radio broadcasts.

While Clubhouse focuses on the social media aspect of letting anyone take the mic, Amazon’s own version will aim to make hosts feel like they’re broadcasting their own radio show. Anyone will be able to play the role of radio jockey, lining up music from the Amazon Music catalog to play in their shows. This is potentially great news for anyone who has put their music on Amazon Music through a distributor like RouteNote.

The edge also learned that the application will be launched in the United States to begin with. Amazon will apparently be looking to attract celebrities to create eye-catching content, as well as smaller curators, at least initially.

The “Project Mike” app will have trending topic hashtags, featured creators, with searchable content. The feature will be available on the app and through Amazon Music, Audible, Twitch, and Alexa devices. Listeners can use Alexa to interact with shows by voice only. And the app will be available for use in cars, which does indeed align it with a radio experience.

Live audio apps have popped up everywhere since Clubhouse launched last year. The Clubhouse hype may have subsided considerably, but other tech companies continue to rely on their own versions. There’s Spotify Greenroom, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms, to name a few. The clubhouse itself continues to evolve, always rolling out new features.

In addition to the emphasis on music, there will be shows on comedy, pop culture and sports. Music seems a natural fit for live audio medium, with potential for live performances, interviews, and album commentary. Instagram story Q&A and AMAs are still popular, and being able to ask questions in real time would be a big draw to fans.

The exact form the feature will take and when it will launch has yet to be confirmed by Amazon, but with Apple Music and other music platforms already running their own versions of the radio, traditional radio stations will be turning. nervously towards the future.

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