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San Francisco: Amazon has finally released an Amazon Prime Video app for Mac, available through the Mac App Store.

According to MacRumors, the Amazon Prime Video app for macOS supports platform pillars like AirPlay, Picture-in-Picture, and built-in payments for rentals as well as on-demand content.

The app is free and compatible with macOS Big Sur 11.4 and later.

As part of Apple’s agreement to get Amazon Prime from the App Store, users don’t have to subscribe through Apple’s in-app purchases. One can simply sign up for Amazon Prime in the app, just as they can then purchase movies and TV shows through it.

Amazon previously released an update for its Prime Videos media streaming app on Android. With the new update, the company launched a new Shuffle feature where users will be able to play shuffle TV shows.

“It’s a great option for narrowing down choice in sitcoms where character arcs and narrative development can often happen asynchronously or even in documentaries where such things don’t exist,” Android Central reported.

With the shuffle tool, users will be able to start a series at any time, watching it in a random order than the usual chronological one. The feature doesn’t allow users to browse the entire show, but just one particular season.

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