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When Hurricane Florence interrupted communication between the emergency shelters and the Emergency Operations Center, members of the Moore County Amateur Radio Society (MOCARS) intervened to maintain communication across the county.

To stay prepared for such emergencies, MOCARS uses training exercises like the upcoming Winter Field Day.

“It helps us keep our skills up to date,” said James Johnson, spokesperson for MOCARS.

According to the Winter Field Day Association website, the goal of the WFDA is to help improve the skills of amateur radio operators prepared to face any environmental conditions encountered in the United States and Canada in the spring, summer. , in autumn and winter.

This year the group will meet at the Train Depot in Robbins from 2 p.m. Saturday to 2 p.m. Sunday. The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is also expected to bring its communications division to the event, according to the event’s announcement at the recent Robbins Board of Commissioners meeting.

“Our club actively supports the Sheriff’s Office and the Moore County Emergency Operations Management Group when needed due to disaster or weather or whatever,” Johnson said. “Whenever they need help, we can mobilize our guys and girls to go to all the places they need to provide emergency communications. “

In the case of Hurricane Florence, MOCARS members used their amateur radios to keep shelters in contact from wherever they were.

In addition to preparing to establish emergency radio communications, the event also allows amateur radio operators to connect for 24 hours. MOCARS is one of six registered sites in North Carolina for the field day.

“What we’re doing is going to a site and setting up our radios to talk to other amateur radio clubs across the country,” Johnson said.

The event is closed to the public due to a possible spread of COVID-19, and the venue itself has been altered due to the virus.

“Normally we do this at the Department of Health, but because of the virus it’s not available,” Johnson said.

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