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Amateur radio or amateur radio has been around since the early 1900s. The oldest form of amateur radio is transmission via Morse code, which is still used today and is now called CW. Most forms of radio communication these days are voice communications. Most people talk to people in whatever country they live in on the different bands (ie like radio stations but for amateur operators). Some people also talk to operators from other countries, which is another pastime in the amateur radio hobby called DXing.

To operate on amateur radio frequencies, an FCC license is required. Most people who get a license to use the radio bands do so just for the hobby aspect. However, it’s a good idea to get a license in case of a massive outage of cellular networks. If this were to happen, radio would remain the only form of communication, as radio is usually always the last thing to survive and communicate. Even now, there are operators who specialize in natural disaster emergency communications and use the ham to communicate with people in the event area for help.

To obtain a license, it is recommended that you study the American Radio Relay League Handbook for Technician Class License and pass the 35-question test administered by your local radio club. Once you pass, you receive a call sign and you can now go on air.

Personally, I don’t have a permit yet, but I hope to have one soon. The only challenge for me and most people who want to get into this hobby is the price of the radios themselves. But other than that, my reason for getting a license is for the hobby and also for the emergency contact aspect. I think it would be nice to have this certification if ever needed so that I can help people in need.

I also encourage the reader to look into ham radio if you’re looking for a new hobby, because it’s a pretty cool hobby, and it’s one of the few that actually benefits the real world and allows communicate with people in danger.

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