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Amateur Radio “Field Day” will take place June 27-28 and will focus on service and science.

Members of the Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society (MTARS) will participate in the National Amateur Radio Field Day exercise at the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park in Manchester.

Since 1933, amateur radio operators across North America have established temporary amateur radio stations in public places during field days to showcase the science and skill of amateur radio.

The event will take place from Saturday, June 27, from 8 a.m. to Sunday, June 28, ending at 1 p.m. at the park. The field day is a showcase of how amateur radio operates reliably in all conditions from almost any location to create an independent communication network.

“Amateur radio operates completely independent of internet or mobile phone infrastructure, can interface with tablets or smartphones, and can be set up almost anywhere in minutes. That’s the beauty of amateur radio during a communications outage,” says David Isgur, N1RSN, communications manager for ARRL, the national amateur radio association (, which represents amateur (or “ham”) radio operators around the world. the country. “In today’s DIY electronics environment, amateur radio remains one of the best ways for people to learn about electronics, physics, meteorology and many other scientific disciplines, and is a great asset considerable for any community during disasters or emergencies if the standard communications infrastructure fails.Anyone can become a licensed amateur radio operator.

There are over 725,000 licensed hams in the United States, as young as 9 years old and as old as 100 years old. And with clubs like the Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society (MTARS), it’s easy for anyone to get involved in Middle Tennessee.

For more information on Field Day or amateur radio, contact Michael Glennon, 931-588-0302 or email: [email protected] For more information, visit and or

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