Amateur Radio Enthusiasts Attend LARC-4 Convention


Hyderabad: The fourth edition of Lamakaan Annual Radio Convention (LARC-4) is held at Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology (MJCET). The most sought-after two-day annual event is expected to see more than 400 Ham Operators (Amateur Radio Operators) from across the country, who have carved out their niche in radio communication.

Ashhar Farhan, owner of Lamakaan and co-founder of LARC, shares that the event will be an opportunity for amateur operators to present their experiments with new radio techniques and wireless technologies.

“The convention aims to encourage experimentation and the sharing of knowledge related to radiocommunication. Experimentation is very important for the development of any scientific field. Here, several amateur radio operators interact with each other about their work and also attend workshops to improve their knowledge on the subject, ”he said.

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Interestingly, most of the people who attend LARC conventions do not have an academic background in the field.

“There are many doctors, farmers and people from other walks of life who are interested in radio communication. These people have developed their knowledge over time by experimenting with wireless communication, ”said Thomas George, LARC member.

The biggest draw of the two-day event will be the unveiling of the locally developed upconverter for radio communication using the QO-100 satellite. The low cost transceiver is designed and developed by five Ham operators based in Hyderabad.

“It took us a year to develop the upconverter,” said Amarendra Prasad, one of the team members who worked on the projects. Explaining the upconverter, he said, “Normally you have to use the SDR (Software Defined Radio) receiver just to listen in on the conversations going on on the satellite or use a transceiver to communicate, which might cost more. a lakh. For the locally developed converters, we purchased a locally available 95cm dish (costing around Rs 1500) and an LNB (Rs 150) to receive QO-100 signals. The real success was to design the printed circuit which could receive the signals from the parabola (10 Ghz) and convert them into 740 megahertz.

Three renowned radio designers from abroad, Pete Juliano, N6QW and Bill Meara, N2CQR and Jerry Buxton N0JY will interact virtually with the participants. The event will also see the unveiling of the latest version of uBitx v.6, a high frequency transceiver developed by Hyderabad-based HFSignals.

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