Alpha Academy wins Tag Team Championship on Raw



There was a title change on tonight’s episode of Monday evening gross of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The team known as Alpha Academy (Chad gable and Otis) overcame RK-Brother (Randy Orton and sift) to become the new Raw Tag Tag Team Champions – starting their first title reign as a unit. It is also Gable’s third tag team title on the main roster, having previously won gold in teams with Robert roode and Jason jordan. For Otis, it’s his first taste of gold in WWE – though he’s won Money in the bank in 2020.

This change of title may surprise more than one. For most of the past year, RK-Bro has established themselves as a true fan favorite team; with Randy Orton playing the straight man to Riddle’s goofball character almost seamlessly.

With WrestlingMania rapidly approaching, however, it might seem like the team might just implode ahead of the event; with a match putting them against each other very on the cards. This is pure speculation, however, and they could very well band together and try their old titles once again. In the meantime, and for the foreseeable future, Alpha Academy will become the centerpiece of the Raw tag team division. As for RK-Bro, the horizons look bleak, and if we know Randy Orton, things could be just as bleak for Riddle.

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