Al-Shabab wins the Taekwondo Kingdom Team Championship



Al Shabab Taekwondo Club won the Kingdom Team Championship held at Al Hilal Club Hall last week with 30 clubs and the world decision which came second and the groove which featured a high level of competition. , with whom he was able to take third place after winning the 1/8 finals and Espérance in the 1/8 finals. It lost to Al Salam in the semi-finals with Al Wahda finishing fourth.

In the junior level competition, the team of Abha and Al Salam came second after a thrilling match which showed the superiority of both clubs, Al Hilal being third and Riyadh fourth, Al Zalfi winning the prize of perfect team. The competition was attended by Saudi Taekwondo Federation Board Vice Chairman Muhammad bin Zayed Al-Wabran, Board Member Abdullah Al-Malki and Federation Director Muhammad Al-Khababi.

On the other hand, the Saudi Taekwondo Federation has ensured the safety of Al-Nur Rahman club player Mustafa Al-Karni, who suffered a double fracture and was later transferred to hospital and will undergo surgery in the coming months. days.

At the continental level, international judge Al-Mohannad Al-Zubi received the “best referee” award as part of his continental participation in the Sharjah qualifying championships for the Asian Paralympic Games Hangzhou 2022.

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