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Discovery Powered By Humans on over 100,000 live radio streams

“You’ve never seen anything like what we’re about to show you in real-time search for live spoken audio,” said iheartradio app creator Ayinde Alakoye.

nēdl, as in “the needle in the haystack”, boasts over 55 million podcasts, over 100,000 live streaming radio stations from the US and around the world, and over 40 million Live streaming songs in one listening and search platform to listen to live audio as it is. be spoken or sung — by keyword!

nēdl is a unique way to discover new playlists created by humans – not algorithms – in different pockets of the world, as well as find other trusted local and national news sources.

Founded by the original creator of the iheartradio app, Ayinde Alakoye, to democratize discovery by transcribing words from live radio and user-generated content streams in real time and making them searchable. nēdl holds a worldwide patent on live transcription for discovery and real-time listening. nēdl Audience launches today, a creative app will follow closely to give journalists, celebrities and influencers the ability to index alongside live broadcasts from CNN, NPR, ESPN and other third-party publishers that users can find on nēdl.

The startup was one of 11 others chosen for Google’s inaugural Voice AI Accelerator in May 2021 and is also backed by Sweet Capital (the King Family Office and the creators of Candy Crush Saga). Ayinde Alakoye, Founder and CEO of nēdl, says, “You’ve never seen anything like what we’re about to show you in real-time search for live spoken audio.”

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