after years, the app that revolutionized music listening in 1997 is being updated



The announcement comes from the historical app site. The new version will be a complete overhaul, designed for the world of music streaming, podcasts and radio.

Before Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, before smartphones and before iPods, digital music was played in front of the PC with Winamp. Multimedia player software born in 1997 represented a real milestone in the history of listening to music: although it was not linked to the invention of MP3s, it helped to popularize them by providing a means popular and effective to listen to them; Over the course of its honorable career years it has had several opponents, but throughout the pre-smartphone era it was quite simply the most downloaded and used program in the industry thanks to its simplicity and breadth. customization offered to users. Today, 24 years after its debut, Winamp he is about to come back in a completely renewed look and with features designed for the music streaming world.

A brand new version

This was announced by the project’s website, updated in the last few hours after months of inactivity with some information on what to expect from the new Winamp. The portal talks about a product for the next generation – not a simple update but a complete makeover designed for listening to music on the go. The language used on the site is vague, but it suggests that the new app will contain social features to stay closer to artists and the ability to listen podcasts, webradios and radio stations.

Space for creators

Among the novelties of the new WinAmp, there will also be functions dedicated to artists and creators, who will be helped to “come into close contact with fans and listeners, and earn fairly” from their activities. In short, the idea is that Winamp could offer oneself as a platform, to listen to and publish music and programs, for which the application will simply be the access point. How this vision will be posed vis-à-vis current industry giants is something that will only emerge when the app is actually released.

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How to get the new Winamp

In fact, the new Winamp is not yet available: it will be soon, in a preview that will allow developers to apply the latest fixes before the official debut. Anyone who wants to get their hands on this version ASAP can sign up for the beta program directly from this section of the Winamp site; those who, in the meantime, wish to give a new dusting to the old application can download the latest version released on the market: the 5.8 of 2018, which contains the old GUI associated with the most recent and secure edition of the code source.

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