AEW Revolution 2022 – Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match Result



The AEW Tag Team Division has brought the heat to Orlando, Florida.

In an absolutely electric triple tag team championship threat, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus retained their tag team championship against the Young Bucks and reDRagron. While the challengers started the match working together, eventually the lure of championship gold led them to break their alliance and in the end the champions took advantage of the dissension.

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From our live coverage:

Jurrassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (C) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)

– KOR and Jungle Boy start this one. KOR lands a front kick, Jungle boy flips it over and works on his left arm. The fish is tagged, smacks Jungle Boy and makes the mark at Nick. Jungle Boy runs the ropes and drags Nick onto the mat. Tagged Luchasaurus teases a dive over the top rope, but Jungle Boy flies over the top rope and features reDRagon and The Bucks. Fish and Luchasaurus are legal and in the ring, Luchasaurus tags Jungle Boy, Fish takes control and tags in Matt, who lands a daredevil on Jungle Boy, goes for cover and KOR breaks it, self -tag-in, covers Jungle Boy and Nick breaks it up. KOR tags Fish, who gets kicked out, Jungle Boy gets knocked out by The Bucks, Luchasaurus gets kicked out of the ring, Matt and Nick team up with Jungle Bog in the ring, Matt goes for cover but KOR forces the break, Jungle Boy Matt rolls, KOR breaks that too, he and Matt argue, Jungle Boy throws Matt over the top rope, KOR misses a kick on Jungle Boy and knocks Matt off the apron, Luchasaurus walks in and kicks everyone out, punches the Bucks with a super kick to each, goes for a choke-slam on Nick, Matt makes the save, Luchasaurus sends Matt out of the ring and Nick pierces the big man with a destroyer. The Bucks are back in the ring but Luchasaurus crashes them with a double choke-slam, Fish and KOR get in the ring, Luchasaurus takes them out, Matt comes back, gets slammed, Luchasaurus goes for cover, Matt comes out, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy with a Doomsday Device on Matt, Jungle Boy goes for the cover but Matt backs out at two and a half. Jungle Boy goes for a knee, Fish trips him, holds Jungle Boy for a super kick but Jungle Boy ducks and Matt pierces Fish with the kick. reDRagon and The Bucks brawl inside the ring, Luchasaurus attacks, Fish and Matt have a gripping exchange, Jungle Boy arrives but they all kick each other and they’re all inside the ring as the crowd pours into ‘AEW! AEW! AEW!’ chants, KOR pierces Jungle Boy with a kick, Fish with a suplex, KOR locks a leg lock, Nick and Luchasaurus break it then go for it. Luchasaurus with a choke-slam on Nick, KOR attacks Luchasaurus, locks a guillotine, Jungle Boy with a 450′ splash on KOR, goes for cover but Nick lands a 450′ splash to break him! Jungle Boy and KOR are in the ring, Matt grabs the titles and tries to hit Jungle Boy with it, KOR grabs the title and hits Matt with it, Fish punches Jungle Boy with a super kick, goes for cover but Luchasaurus breaks it up. The Bucks drag Luchasaurus out, KOR hoists Fish up, The Bucks drills him with a double super kick, then a Super Kick Party, goes for cover but KOR breaks it! Matt throws KOR, Jungle Bou with a German suplex on Luchasaurus nails KOR, Fish and Nick outside with a dive over the top rope, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus nails Matt with a flip/power-bomb combo for the 1- 2-3 and victory! What a game !

Winners – Jurrassic Express (C)

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