AEW Rampage Results (09/30) – Tag Team Championship Match, Jamie Hayter Vs. Willow Nightingale, Rush Vs. Jean Argent



The bell rings and Nightingale wastes no time. She rains right hands on Hayter, followed by several headbutts. Hayter looks for a few shoulder tackles, but Nightingale blocks them and fights back with one of his own. She hits a senton, followed by a low crossbody and a Fisherman’s Suplex. Nightingale hits a chop, but Hayter fights back with a high boot. She delivers the double running knees, followed by a suplex.

Back from the break, Hayter delivers a back breaker. She goes for a pin but Nightingale pulls out. Nightingale knocks Hayter out of the ring with a Pounce, then delivers a Death Valley Driver. She goes for a pin, but Hayter pulls out. Hayter hits a German Suplex, followed by the short arm lariat for the win.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

We then move on to a video promoting WarJoe.

Ryan Nemeth then stands in the ring. He mocks Philadelphia before HOOK’s music comes on and he heads to the ring. He hits Nemeth with a clothesline before whipping him into the corner and throwing a throw over the top. He locks down the Redrum and chokes Nemeth. The Trustbusters then head to the ring and drop a contract in front of HOOK.

Back from the break, comments then scoured the card for next week’s “Dynamite” and “Rampage.”

Rush, Andrade El Idolo and Jose The Assistant head to the ring, followed by John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

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