AEW Full Gear 2021 – World Tag Team Match – Lucha Bros vs FTR Result



The Lucha Bros held onto their gold despite the shenanigans attempted by FTR.

The Tag Team Championship game at AEW Full Gear 2021 was nothing short of the expected electric game in the AEW Tag Team Division. There were several close drops on both sides and despite attempts by FTR to use their Super Ranas masks to gain an unfair advantage, it backfired as the Lucha Bros were able to pin down the illegal man, Cash Wheeler. .

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AEW World Tag Team Match

Lucha Bros (c) vs. FTR

Fenix ​​and Cash begin the match before FTR chains up the offensive and frequent tagging before Fenix ​​returns with a whirling kick and tags to Penta hitting a pair of slingshot blades. Fenix ​​saves Penta from a double suplex before LB doubles on FTR for two before locking in a double submission on FTR before Cash comes out of the ring and Penta kicks Dax into the corner. FTR comes back and breaks Penta’s neck on the top rope for two before tying Penta’s mask to the bottom rope and stomping on it before throwing it into the middle rope. FTR isolates Penta until he gets the hot tag in Fenix ​​which eliminates both FTR members before covering Dax for two before FTR hits Fenix ​​with an assisted back drop driver. Dax hits Penta with a streak of suplexes before Penta hits a streak of suplexes on her own and Fenix ​​goes on with a frog splash for a deep two count before Cash saves Dax and FTR hits a piledriver. attended for a deep two count. Lucha Bros then has a variation of the Fear Factor for a near drop before pinning Cash with an assisted piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeated FTR via pinfall to retain their AEW World Tag Team titles.

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