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The invitation-only resource will help digital missionaries create and share hope in Jesus.

ADigital Evangelism Becomes Vanguard of Evangelism and Mission Efforts by Global Members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has developed an exciting new app called Adventist Teams.

The app will allow members around the world to research and distribute high-quality Bible content for their friends and family in the digital space, said church leaders behind the initiative.

The Adventist Teams app results from the Adventist Church’s focus on Total Member Participation (TMI). General Conference President Ted NC Wilson said he is excited about Adventist teams and is looking forward to its launch.

“We wish God’s blessing on Adventist teams as this app reaches out, through church members, to those around you and, yes… to the world,” Wilson said. “Your personal involvement will be directed by the Lord and will constitute a large part of the total membership involvement. Jesus is coming soon… stay close to him, to his word, to his righteousness, and help proclaim the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 as you participate in Adventist teams.

Adventist Church Associate Director of Communications Sam Neves underscored the critical importance of equipping every Adventist with the capacity and tools to engage online in the Great Commission and the proclamation of the three angels messages. . “Our mission is to proclaim these last three warnings to the world. While our models of mass communication are important, God has called each of us to be the ones to carry the message, ”Neves said. “After all, God could appear in heaven and announce the Second Coming in seconds. He doesn’t do this because we are the ones who can best communicate his love without causing fear.

For Neves, this “why” behind the “how” is imperative. “Adventist teams,” he said, “is the funniest way to complete this mission with a team of like-minded people who cannot wait for Jesus to return. “

Adventist Team Coordinator Alyssa Truman supported this thought.

“The success of digital evangelism efforts depends on the commitment and involvement of church members,” she said.

After a successful digital evangelism campaign in 2020 led by Adventist World Radio with the support of the General Conference communications department, it became evident that church members needed a set of tools to help themselves. equip and enable them to work collaboratively in digital mission activities. Since then, the department has developed Adventist teams. The app aims to impact algorithms across all social platforms by getting thousands of Adventists to consume and share the best Adventist content.

The big questions include the subject of the Sabbath (Saturday), the Second Coming of Jesus and the Mark of the Beast – all very popular subjects given the climate of the world.

“We wanted to find a way to continue to engage [members] and help them find great content they can share with their friends, ”Truman said.

The app is not just “another resource” for church ministry, but rather is a tool for every people of God connecting in the digital space, Truman explained. “God asked each member to proclaim the three angels’ messages to the world. For those who want to answer that call, especially in the digital world, Adventist Teams is a tool they need, ”she said.

How does the Adventist Teams app work?

Anyone can use the app – they don’t have to be a digital assistant or a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user (to name a few of the many social media platforms available). Once a new user has been invited and registered, they can begin browsing the various resources available from the local church level to the Adventist Church and associated organizations such as Hope Channel, Adventist Media and the Adventist Agency. development and relief, for content that is relevant and useful to the intended audience.

Truman went on to say, “. [members] are looking for doctrinal beliefs or health or family resources, we’re always trying to find great new resources they can share. Those working behind the scenes are continually on the lookout for solid doctrinal content and supporting a cross-section of public queries and questions on how to live a better life here on earth now and prepare for it. eternity.

In addition to providing existing resources to share, the app will allow users to share their own created content, content which Truman says is intended to be “evangelical in nature, with members around the world, who in turn can share it with others “. In essence, the Adventist Teams app is a one-stop-shop for reliable and relevant content for a world that needs Jesus and a deeper understanding of God’s Word and his heart, she explained.

Train disciples, train leaders

Truman stressed that “it is of the utmost importance to help develop more leaders in the church, people who inspire and motivate others to share their faith.” She explained that this app has multiple goals: to create, research, share, inspire and empower. She added, “Adventist teams are by invitation only, so people are encouraged to invite others to join and take a personal interest in helping and encouraging them to share the good news to the world. ”

According to Truman, there are different levels of leadership within the app. These levels come with additional benefits, incentives and corresponding responsibilities. They can be accomplished by an individual digital missionary or by teamwork. “You can’t be a leader if you don’t inspire and support others,” said Truman, “neither can you be a leader if you don’t set an example.”

Inspiring a Generation of Digital Missionaries

For Truman and Neves, this is a deeply personal project, but they believe it is a passion shared by millions of Adventists around the world. “As a lay church member, one of my challenges in sharing my faith was finding resources on specific topics that I could share when I saw people asking questions,” said Truman.

“There is a knowledge that at this time, in this world, in this social climate, we are called to minister in the online space,” she added. “This ministry can be like sharing existing content and engaging with the online circle of friends and family that God has put us in special contact with, or it could be about managing creative talents and creating. for the big commission.

“We have so many incredibly talented people sitting on our benches who want to use their talents,” she continued. “Now we will have a place for these creative people to share with the world church, allowing them to reach more people.”

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