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HYDERABAD: The fourth edition of the annual Lamakaan Radio Convention (LARC-4) held at Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology (MJCET) saw the attendance of hundreds of amateur radio operators (amateurs) from across the country.

Held over the weekend, it featured several technical events that aimed to provide radio amateurs with the opportunity to showcase their experiences with new radio techniques and wireless technologies.
People interacted with each other and exchanged knowledge about different technologies that could develop their skills as radio operators. A session on QO-100 Up-Converter, the first amateur-built geostationary satellite, certainly turned out to be an informative session.

While amateurs present their models, a flea market attracts crowds. People from all over the country set up stalls and sold electronic gadgets ranging from hair dryers to adapters, spare parts and also the equipment needed to set up a radio station. One of the stalls held electronic gadgets used in the 90s, which brought a moment of nostalgia to anyone buying a little something at the market.

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