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The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated changes in viewing behavior globally, creating unexpected new trends in the way media streaming companies manage their OTT applications

Posted: October 26, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. MDT|Update: 12 hours ago

NEW YORK, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the number of wire cutters, razors and grinders continues to rise and the adoption of smart TV apps increases, media brands around the world have adapted to keep pace with the habits changing viewers.

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Applicaster, the leading technology platform to simplify the creation, delivery and management of OTT streaming applications, has released 5 new industry trends based on 12 months of data from its Zapp platform, used by many broadcast, sports, children’s and other major media brands.

1. More television, less mobile
TV-first is the new standard; As media brands have added more platforms than ever to expand distribution to more audiences, the rise of TV apps over mobile apps is a recurring theme. 4.3 platforms, with 30% of new digital streamers not launching on mobile at all.

2. Analysis is king
Analytics integrations have grown in volume and scope as streamers seek to better understand their audience. With nearly 40 analytics plugins available on the Applicaster Marketplace, nearly 20% of streamers have added one or more additional analytics providers to those already integrated, such as Adobe Analytics, Comscore, Akamai, Segment, CoolaData and regional suppliers like Gemius.

3. New category: consent management
Consent management has emerged as a category in response to several regulatory changes. Respectively, new tools are available to manage GDPR and other privacy requirements. Media brands, mainly through Europe, add consent management features to their apps, including recently launched plugins for OneTrust, Didomi, and Apple’s app tracking transparency on the Applicaster Marketplace.

4. Speed. Speed. Speed.
The speed at which media brands launched new apps and made updates has accelerated. Compared to last year, OTT apps release new releases on average every 2 months, with the most responsive brands releasing new releases every 1.75 months. Examples of updates include adding podcast / radio capabilities to mobile and TV apps, adding ad model and geography-based app versions for new markets.

5. Hybrid income rules
Advertising is the most widely used monetization model, but not in isolation. Eighty percent of the time, advertising is used as a hybrid with SVOD or some other revenue strategy. In the past year, 11% of SVOD-based apps have added advertising to their offering. Other combinations of hybrid monetization include sponsorship, PPV, and merchandise sales. Some broadcasters offer different pricing models in different regions. Additional details are included in Applicaster’s 2021 OTT revenue statement study.

“We are at the unique intersection of technology and media. Our Zapp application management platform powers the streaming business for linear and digital broadcasters around the world, and we can spot expansion trends by depending on how they implement their strategies. Zapp’s pluggable infrastructure and rapidly evolving Marketplace helps us spot new trends as they arise, “said Ido Hadari, CEO of Applicaster. “This business has become incredibly dynamic and keeping a close eye on trends like these will hopefully help media brands continue to successfully pursue their strategy in uncharted waters.”

About the Applicator
Applicaster helps broadcasters, content editors and OTT providers drive their digital strategy globally, engage with audiences, and monetize media assets. Applicaster’s Zapp platform is a complete code-free tool for building, distributing and managing multimedia applications on multiple mobile and TV devices. Zapp uniquely combines the scalability, flexibility and speed of a technology-based solution with the advanced customization capabilities required by professional teams.

Applicaster powers user experiences for leading companies like Urban One, Viacom, The Walt Disney Company, ProsiebenSat.1, America Cup, and Early media; and is approved as an Apple, Roku and Comcast Technology Solutions partner.

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