3 potential directions for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament



Here’s some good news for the WWE Women’s Division. Authority figure Adam Pearce recently announced that the long-awaited tournament to crown the new Women’s Tag Team Titles is set to begin this Monday night on Raw.

As you may know, former champions Sasha Banks and Naomi had a bit of a dispute with WWE management. Following the dispute, the duo came out on an episode of Monday Night Raw last May and the titles have sat vacant ever since.

But that was then and this is now. It’s a new day and a new era seems to be upon us. What does this mean for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament?

Well, the most accurate answer is that no one really knows. But as a consolation prize for reading this far, here are a few possibilities.

#3 IYO SKY and Dakota Kai win the tournament and become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

In a shocking turn of events, this year’s SummerSlam featured the return of Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. Although it wasn’t specified why they formed an alliance, the trio engaged in a brief staredown with Bianca Belair and “The Man” Becky Lynch on the same night.

2 days later on Raw, the fists and kicks started flying. The new villainous faction began beating Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, and current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

It’s obviously too early to tell right now, but Iyo and Dakota could potentially become the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. On the other hand, Bayley could rekindle her feud with The EST, Bianca Belair.

#2 Sasha Banks and Naomi make their comeback

In less than a month, we’ve seen the returns of recently released Dakota Kai and Karion Kross. Bayley and IYO also made their return and Brock Lesnar literally lifted the ring with a tractor.

To quote Michael Cole’s applause to SummerSlam’s Cory Graves: “A lot has changed.” Thing is, it’s certainly not a stretch to believe that Sasha and Naomi will be making a comeback given that the company is under new management.

The dispute between Team Boss ‘n’ Glow and WWE’s top brass ended months before Vince’s resignation. With a few new faces at the helm of WWE’s creative team, the two parties have reportedly reached some sort of deal.

Although not a 100% guarantee, we hope they will be back soon. If they’re not featured in the tournament, then around Clash at the Castle, maybe?

#1 NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions vs. WWE Tag Team Champions

Much like the main roster of Women’s Tag Team Titles, the NXT Tag Team Championships are also currently vacant. This is due to the fact that Cora Jade got all salty and turned on her partner Roxanne Perez after she felt the latter was taking her for granted.

She would leave the titles by dropping her championship in the trash. The following week, Alundra Blayze made a surprise appearance on NXT and announced that a tournament will be held to crown the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

When you consider how similar it looks to the main roster and the fact that it’s not uncommon for Raw and SmackDown superstars to appear on NXT, it’s not hard to believe that a schedule between the winners of the two tournaments could happen in the future.

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