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Peaks in the air launched in England (G) and Wales (GW) on 2n/a March 2002. Since then, it has massively expanded to more than a hundred associations on all major continents of the world and has more than 24,000 participants.

A special prize has been launched to celebrate 20 years of SOTAand birthday. Speakers can obtain a certificate for their best 20 days of pursuit or activation (separate certificates for each activity). Logs are entered as normal and the SOTA database selects your 20 best performing days from your logs for the entire year. (March 2, 2022 to March 1, 2023).

These certificates will be downloadable from the database and free of charge. This is not a contest, so the posting will be presented in alphabetical order by callsign. The SOTA leadership team would like there to be a lot of activity in the 20th anniversary year, and as such the activity lasts a full year to allow plenty of time to participate.

Some special event stations were operational to celebrate the anniversary. GW Association Director – Roger Dallimore MW0IDX – operated GB2OTA from the summit of Mynydd and Cwm GW/NW-076, the northernmost peak in the Clwydian Range, during the month of March. SOTA Leadership Team member Tom Read M1EYP will/has been operating GB20SOTA from Cloud Summit G/SP-015 from 2n/a at 29and April.

Additional special event calls are planned for the next 20and SOTA anniversaries in Northern Ireland (GI), Scotland (G) and USA (W2).

Tom Read M1EYP on Cloud G/SP-015

Roger Dallimore MW0IDX with his daughter Hannah on Mynydd and Cwm GW/NW-076.

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