2013 World Amateur Radio Day – April 18 – celebrates 100 years of disaster communications




This year marks the 88th anniversary of the founding of the International Union of Amateur Radio (IARU). To mark the occasion, IARU and its more than 160 member societies will celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on April 18. For many years, the IARU Board of Directors has defined a theme for each World Amateur Radio Day. The 2013 theme is Amateur radio: entering its second century of disaster communications.

Honor the theme of disaster communications

The theme commemorates the first known use of ham radio in a disaster situation: Herbert V. Akerberg – a 15-year-old from Hilltop, Ohio – would be the first person to use ham radio to call for help during a disaster. a disaster. In late March 1913, the Scioto River in downtown Columbus, Ohio flooded its banks, killing more than 100 people. According to a November 2012 article in the Columbus Expedition, Akerberg used his home radio transmitter to send SOS calls via Morse code for almost 72 hours.

According to Mail, Akerburg’s services have been “highly recommended by the city authorities, and its achievement has been widely heralded across the country as a further contribution to the relatively new science of radio.” Herbert Akerberg died in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 6, 1964.

On-air stations for World Amateur Radio Day

Several IARU member societies – and the clubs linked to them – will have special event stations on the air to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day. As of April 4, these stations include:

4A8DMR: FMRE – the IARU member company of Mexico – with the help of Grupo DXXE, will activate for the first time 4A8DMR, a unique prefix. DMR stands for Día Mundial del Radioaficionado, or World Amateur Radio Day. This station will be active April 18-21 on all 160-6 meter bands in all modes, including EME, as well as on amateur radio satellites in various grid patterns across Mexico. QSL via N7RO and LoTW.

CR5IARU: REP – the Portuguese member company of IARU – will be broadcast from April 13th to 19th on all bands. QSL via CT1REP (desktop or direct).

KP4FD: To echo this year’s theme, the Puerto Rico Field Day Group will be active on April 18 from the Emergency Management Agency in the city of Cataño, Puerto Rico. QSL via LoTW.

If your IARU member company or club will be active in celebrating World Amateur Radio Day, please let IARU Region 2 Editor-in-Chief Joaquin Solana, XE1R, via E-mail.

Editor’s Note: This list was complete as of April 4, 2013. For updates, please visit IARU Region 2 website.

Thanks to The Columbus Dispatch, Southgate Amateur Radio News and John Bigley, N7UR, for historical information on the 1913 flood.

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