1Question launches the world’s first app where kids save screen time by answering educational questions correctly


According to Common Sense Census on Media Use, teens and tweens were already spending more than 6 hours a day on their media devices before the pandemic, not including screen time for school or homework. husband and wife team Isaac and Ann Elnekavethe co-founders of 1Question, felt there was an opportunity for a new approach and a new solution.

“We knew the challenges we were having with our daughters weren’t unique to our family,” said Isaac Elnekave, CEO of 1Question. “While changing the time our children spend on their phones is difficult, what we can do is introduce micro-learning moments to make that time more engaging and fun, especially in subjects with which many students struggle with such as multiplication tables and grammar.”

From the user’s point of view, the process includes downloading the app to your child’s device, selecting their grade, then the curriculum subjects you want them to focus on, and simply logging into specific apps or categories of apps (such as than “Social Networks”) that you want to ‘lock’ until they answer the questions correctly. Because the technology’s proprietary solution incorporates advanced AI that learns your child’s strengths and weaknesses as you go, a personalized learning path is created that leverages repetition and positive reinforcement. Parents can also use the 1Question Parent app to change settings and track their child’s progress in real time.

“There’s no shortage of edtech solutions that seek to leverage children’s active engagement to instill long-term learning. There’s also a plethora of parental control apps that limit screen time. But we don’t have yet to see a solution that blends the two categories to allow children to interact with content while income screen time. That’s the real magic of 1Question,” said Brett Meyersco-founder of Reimagined Classroom and advisor to 1Question.

“By attaching 1Question to apps we know kids can’t get enough of, like TikTok and Instagram, we’ve already introduced an average of 35-50 minutes of educational content engagement per week,” said Anne Elnekave. “A reinvented classroom setting is long overdue; it’s time for us to get creative. That was our intention with 1Question, a unique and fun solution that integrates educational moments into our children’s daily lives.”

In September 2021, Apple launched its first-ever Screen Time API to provide developers with tools “to help parents and guardians oversee their children’s web usage.” 1Question is the first application on the market to take advantage of Apple’s programming software.

1Question debuted on the Google Play Store in Australia. Since its inception in September 2020, the company has run one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in Australian history, raising nearly $2 million from fellow moms and dads and has been recognized by global edtech investors through its AWS Edstart status and recognition as a GSV Elite 200 Cupa global pitch competition celebrating the best pre-seed and early-stage startups in education.

With thousands of parents and children currently using the platform’s 40,000 math questions, 1Question will soon expand into traditional and non-traditional areas of study like English, science, personal finance, language, sustainability and inclusiveness, among others. These areas of interest were recognized by parents as both issues and points of interest.

Content expansion will include paid partnerships with subject matter experts such as teachers, scientists, translators, tour guides and many more. With the creator economy providing new opportunities for teachers, 1Question is also looking to reach students in new ways, like fun and engaging TikTok videos.

The company’s team and advisory board have expertise in AI, education, gamification, operations, fundraising and strategy. CEO Isaac Elnekave building and growing businesses for 25 years, including Tide, an open-source blockchain-based technology designed to help organizations prevent cyber breaches. Its experience in data privacy guides 1Question’s commitment to never sell data to third parties or advertise to children.

To learn more about 1Question, visit https://1question.app/ or download the 1Question Parent app with a free 14-day trial on the Apple App store or Google Play Store.

1The question is the brainchild of husband and wife entrepreneurs, Isaac and Ann Elnekaveand was developed in Sydney, Australia during the Covid-19 2020 lockdown. 1Question is the world’s first mobile app that gamifies screen time through engagement with educational content, designed to make fluency in math, English and other subjects equally simple as learning the latest TikTok moves.

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