$ 160 Team Championship | National Free Poker Network Championship 2022



Free team defeated Team markets heads-up to win the 2022 Free Poker Network World Series or Bust Tag Team Championship and claim the championship belts. Team Freese consists of Minnesotans Gloria and Gerald Freese, and they’ll be bringing home some shiny new pieces of poker gear in addition to the prizes they’ve won.

The event attracted 79 entries and players were all hoping to finish in the top 10%, as the top eight each received 10,000 chips for the Free Poker Network World Series or Bust National Championship and $ 160. These finishers will return in less than twelve hours to Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas for the main event, where they will compete for prize totaling over $ 50,000.

the Free Poker Network allows players to earn points by playing poker in recreational leagues at bars in 17 states across the country. Players qualify for prizes and travel to major events by playing in their local FPN league.

FPN 2022 Team Championship Final Table Results

Place Team
1 Free team
2 Team markets
3 Wagner team
4 Kingsley-Lens team
5 Apter team
6 Urbatsch-Marek team
seven Hiner-Held team
8 Haugen-Happe team

Action of the day

In addition to prizes for the top eight teams, $ 1,500 in Mystery Bounties was also up for grabs. The biggest bounty of $ 500 was found by the Hiner-Held team.

Throughout the day, all 79 teams quit playing poker and had fun searching for mystery bonuses before there were finally nine teams left and they converged on the final table.

With nine teams remaining, only one team would be knocked out before the awards, and the ill-fated Bubble team was Holt-Ozcan team when they got into their short stack and couldn’t improve against Team Marts.

After receipt, Haugen-Happe team was the next team gone, and Hiner-Held team made their release shortly thereafter.

Urbatsch-Marek team hit the rail next meeting a better ace, and the five remaining players took a short break. After the break, the Freese team fell under the two big blinds and doubled their way to the final victory.

After a while it was Apter team finish fifth meeting a better king. Kingsley-Lens team was the next to come out fourth when they got their short stack and didn’t improve, and Wagner team then lost a big pot against the Freese team, which was a game-changer and led to the demise of the Wagner team in third place.

This set up a one-on-one match between Team Freese and Team Marts, with the former holding a small chip lead over the latter. With the blinds rising, it didn’t take too long to put in the chips, and when Team Mart’s jack-nine found no help against Team Freese’s pocket tens, Team Freese had officially won the tournament to win the title and the team championship. belts.

Gloria and Gerald Freese

Congratulations to Gloria and Gerald Freese for winning the 2022 Free Poker Network WSOB Team Championship!

This concludes the PokerNews coverage of this event. Stay tuned as PokerNews returns to bring you coverage of the series finale 2022 Free Poker Network World Series or Bust National Championship January 9 at 10 a.m. local time.

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