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A world championship is the greatest honor a superstar can have in their professional wrestling career. Some have been fortunate enough to win WWE’s biggest prize multiple times, while others have only won it once.

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Winning a world title reign means a lot to a wrestler’s career in WWE. This means they have the validation of their dedication and trustworthiness to the company. Many former world champions have also enjoyed tag team success in WWE which shows they are good individually and as a team. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 former world title holders who had the most reigns with team gold!

ten Chris Jericho – 7 reigns of the tag team title

Chris Jericho is a WWE Grand Slam Champion

One of the best superstars to walk through Vince McMahon’s WWE gates is Chris Jericho. Jericho has remained relevant to WWE through a variety of different roles. We can say that 2008 was his best year in the company. Y2J is a six-time world champion, winning three world titles in 2001, including his run as the undisputed champion. Two more world heavyweight titles reign to his name in his stellar 2008 and his last world heavyweight title in 2010 came at the expense of The Undertaker.

Jericho, who claims to be “the best in the world at what I do,” has won seven tag team championships in WWE. Former world champions such as The Rock, Edge, Christian, Chris Benoit were among his tag team winning partners and most notably, his last tag team title with Big Show as WWE Unified Tag Team Champions starting in July. 2009 for five months was very refreshing.

9 The Undertaker – 7 reigns on the tag team title

Undertaker is a seven-time world champion

The Undertaker’s 30-year career in WWE has seen him achieve greatness, which is a testament to his work ethic. The Phenom won seven World Championships with his second reign as WWE Champion in 1997, his best performance as a World Champion.

Taker also found success in tag team wrestling, winning six WWF tag team titles and one WCW tag team title. Surprisingly, he won the WWF tag team title alongside rivals Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Two unforgettable reigns with Big Show in 1999 and his most successful team partnership with Kane. The Brothers of Destruction have won three tag team titles, including a reign as WCW tag team champions. In fact, Kane and Undertaker held both titles simultaneously in 2001.


8 Mick Foley – 8 tag team title reign

Humanity as WWE Champion in 1999

Mick Foley is one of the most underrated superstars of all time. He maximized his abilities in the ring and showed that he can cope with the best. As a humanity, Foley is synonymous with his Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker at king of the ring 1998.

Foley became a three-time WWF Champion in 1999 and beat the best of the Attitude era for the title. He won the WWF Championship twice against The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin once. The Hardcore Legend has also been a successful Tag Team Champion in its three characters of Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love. Winning WWF Tag Team titles eight times with five different partners, with Kane in 1998 is one of his most enjoyable partnerships.

seven The Miz – 8 Tag Team Title Reign

The Miz was WWE Champion in 2010

The Awesome One has had a very successful career inside and outside the square circle with WWE. The Miz won 19 championships in his nearly two-decade WWE career. His most precious possession is the WWE Championship which he first won in 2010.

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Miz’s sole reign as WWE Champion lasted 160 days before he dropped the title to John Cena in May 2011. The Miz & Mrs. with his wife and former Divas champion, Maryse is eight times decorated team champion. He won the World Tag, WWE and Smackdown Tag titles during his illustrious career with five different partners. John Morrison is their most successful partnership as they have three different Tag Team titles together, most recently in 2020.

6 Big Show – 8 Tag Team Title Reign

Big Show is a seven-time world champion

Big Show is the only man in WWE history to win the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championships. Show is a seven-time world champion in the general classification. His first reign as a WWF Champion began in Survivor Series 1999 when he beats Triple H and The Rock.

Show’s seventh and quite possibly last world title reign came in 2012, dethroning Sheamus in Hell in a cell. While Show is a Grand Slam Champion, he is an eight-time WWE Tag Team Champion. The Undertaker, Kane, The Miz and Chris Jericho are other world champions with whom he won gold. It’s not a bad cast to hold team gold alongside.

5 Jeff Hardy – 9 Tag Team Title Reigns

Jeff Hardy won his first WWE Championship in 2008

The Charismatic Enigma is one of the greatest high-flying players in WWE history. Jeff Hardy is adored by many fans around the world with his talent. Hardy finally got the recognition he deserved to Armageddon 2008 when he won his first WWE Championship.

Hardy won the world heavyweight title twice in 2009 against Edge and CM Punk respectively. However, his world title reigns were short-lived. Hardy’s success in the main event can be attributed to his team days. He has held nine tag team titles with his brother Matt. The Hardys have made history as the only duo to hold WWF, WCW, Raw, and SmackDown tag titles.

4 Christian – 9 reigns in title by team

Christian finally climbed the mountain in 2011

Christian finally climbed the mountain in 2011 when he defeated Alberto Del Rio to win his first world heavyweight title in Extreme rules in a ladder match. Unfortunately, his reign lasted two days as he lost the title to Randy Orton on Smack down. However, he will regain the title at Money in the bank by La Vipère.

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Captain Charisma’s second reign with the world title lasted only 33 days, which is disappointing for a wrestler of his caliber. He was more successful as a team champion, winning gold nine times with other Canadians. Christian is a seven-time champion with his real best friend Edge, and he has one reign each with Lance Storm and Chris Jericho in 2002.

3 Kane – 12 team title reigns

Kane's only WWF title reigns in 1998

The Big Red Machine is one of the most prolific superstars in WWE history. He won his first WWF Championship against Steve Austin in 1998. Sadly, his reign only lasted one day as he relinquished the title to Austin. The Devil’s Favorite Demon will have to wait until 2010 to have a significant world title with the World Heavyweight Championship.

While Kane was successful as a singles wrestler, he did better in a Tag Team. Kane is a 12-time tag team champion, winning gold with seven wrestlers in WWE. Most of his reigns were with The Undertaker at age three.

2 Kofi Kingston – 13 tag team title reigns

Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion

Prior to 2019, it looked like Kofi Kingston would be settling down as Tag Team Champion and his chances of becoming WWE World Champion seemed unlikely from year to year. Kingston seized the opportunity with a strong performance at Disposal chamber. He almost won the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan, but it was worth the wait as he won the title on the biggest stage of WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

Kingston’s reign lasted 160 days, which he can be proud of. He is also an 11-time tag team champion, the majority of his reigns being with Xavier Woods and Big E in the New Day. He has the record of holding a WWE Tag Team Title for the most cumulative days. Their second tag tag reign with The New Day made history as the longest tag team reign in WWE history as they held gold for 483 days. Currently, he is half of the Raw Tag Tag Team Champions, alongside Xavier Woods.

1 Edge – 14 reigning reigns per team

Edge is one of the great world champions of all time

Edge is a 14-time WWE Tag Team Champion. The Rated R-Superstar won seven Tag titles with Christian in 2000 and 2001. Edge moved on to singles competition in 2001 and continued on his path to domination. The Ultimate Opportunist is an 11-time WWE World Champion with his first reign in 2006 when he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship. His eleventh and most recent reign came before his first retirement in 2011.

Edge juggled singles and team competition from time to time. He has won tag titles with other world champions such as Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.

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