10 Best NXT Tag Team Championship Matches, According To Dave Meltzer


Since NXT became WWE’s development, the NXT Tag Team Championship has been one of the company’s most regularly booked titles, with several classic matches coming from teams vying for this illustrious prize.

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When it comes to takeover shows, or even weekly TV, these titles have often stolen the show and taken fans’ breath away on multiple occasions, with some of the best tag teams in the world vying for the gold. by Dave Meltzer The star rating provides a way to see which of these matches shone brighter than others and which was the best of the best.


ten MSK Vs Grizzled Young Veterans Vs Legado Del Fantasma, Takeover: Stand And Deliver 2021 (4.5 stars)

Although NXT was a far cry from what it was pre-pandemic at this point, the in-ring quality was still generally strong. These three teams were relatively new to the division, battling for the vacant belts in what was a great triple threat match.

There is an argument that this match was overplayed by Meltzer, but it was still a very fun and frantic match full of non-stop action. MSK in particular shone as the new NXT Tag Team Champions, with GYV also looking like future champions.

9 Undisputed Era Vs Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, Takeover: Chicago 2 2018 (4.5 stars)

At the start of this match, the fans didn’t care too much about the Lorcan & Burch team, and this match felt more like paper filler. However, as the match wore on, they managed to get the fans’ minds spinning by getting them fully invested in this awesome contest.

Lorcan & Burch provided a hard-hitting, stiff style to counter the back-to-back tactics of the Undisputed Era, their chemistry proving to be brilliant. It was still a predictable game, but the crowd was in on the action at the end.

8 Undisputed Era Vs Mustache Mountain, Takeover: Brooklyn 4 2018 (4.5 stars)

After previous incredible counters, the feud between Undisputed Era and Mustache Mountain was crowned with another tag team clinic, pitting the best of NXT UK against the best of NXT US.

They teased Trent Seven throwing in the towel for Tyler Bate, and even if he didn’t throw it, it was kind of predictable after what happened in their last game, the performances of everyone involved managed to make it a compelling part of the game.

seven The Revival Vs DIY, Takeover: Brooklyn 2 2016 (4.5 stars)

This match turned the heads of many to the four men involved, but to Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in particular, who put on a stellar performance, and came out of this match looking like a million dollars, even losing.

The Revival used fantastic heel tactics to slow their opponents’ momentum at every turn, and ultimately managed to win the match by isolating each man, their victory making them look like highly intelligent tag team champions.

6 Undisputed Era Vs War Raiders, Takeover: Phoenix (4.5 stars)

After dominating the Tag Team Division, the Undisputed Era found themselves facing two strong, fast, and dominant monsters in War Raiders, and they couldn’t stop their way to the titles.

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The Raiders looked like beasts here, matching their size and speed to overcome the cheating tactics and technical style of Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong, who always fought on, even when defeated. It was the height of the Raiders’ time in WWE, with their main roster not featuring them in that kind of mainstream light.

5 Authors of Pain Vs DIY Vs The Revival, Takeover: Orlando 2017 (4.5 stars)

After two all-time classics, the two bitter rivals of DIY and The Revival had to come together to take on the monster team of Authors of Pain in what was a wild, hot and highly inventive storytelling masterclass.

From massive table seats to the two tag teams swapping to hit moves, it was a lot of fun. However, AOP managed to overcome this by defeating both teams in this playoff game, looking unstoppable in the process.

4 War Raiders Vs Aleister Black & Ricochet, Takeover: New York 2019 (4.5 stars)

Although the team of Aleister Black and Ricochet hadn’t been a unit in a while, they seemed to have teamed up for years when they helped put together this phenomenal display of non-stop, mind-blowing and hard-hitting.

Despite being two different sizes, Hanson displayed incredible athleticism while Ricochet showed great examples of strength, with their dynamics clashing at multiple points in a wonderful mix of styles. There was a lot to love about this game, which just goes to show just how great all of these men are, even if their main stints didn’t show it.

3 The Revival Vs DIY, Takeover: Toronto 2016 (4.5 stars)

As far as the all-time great NXT matches go, this match is still up for grabs. Having already played a near-perfect game in the previous Takeover, these two teams have stepped up in an all-time classic.

It was a two out of three falls match, but the crowd was on fire every second, even in the inconclusive falls. The chemistry between these four was off the charts, and this time around there was a happy ending with DIY winning the NXT Tag Titles.

2 Undisputed Era Vs The Broserweights, Takeover: Portland 2020 (4.75 stars)

The team of Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne was an example of an odd couple made to perfection, with their chemistry and popularity carrying them all the way to tag team title gold.

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Following a pre-match brawl, these four men gave it their all to produce a marvelous match full of drama, intensity and countless great streaks. Looking at other games rated lower than this, you could say that 4.75 is a bit high for this one, but it was still very nice.

1 Mustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era, NXT 2018 (5 stars)

While this match didn’t happen in a takeover, it could well have had a main one, as it’s up there with the greatest matches in NXT history, its 5 rating. stars by being a clear reflection.

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven put on a superb character presentation here, showing their heart and passion, all culminating in a heartbreaking finish when Bate threw in the towel, him unable to save his partner, preferring to end his punishment instead. than to keep the titles.

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